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    Get Favorites from Tableau Server Repository

    Robert Janezic

      Hello All,


      So I'm able to get the view/workbooks that people favorited. But now I need a way to get the URL info related to the workbooks/views URL but I've been having a hard time. I know that info is in other tables I just can't figure out the correct joins. Help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank You

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Robert,


          I have moved this post to the Server Administration group where more Tableau Server Administrators are exposed to the question and may assist. 



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            Donna Coles

            Hi Robert


            I use the following query to get a list of favourites per user which includes a URL


            SELECT row_number() over (partition by su.name order by position) as "Position", su.name as "Username", su.email as "Email",ali.useable_type as "Type",ali.usedobj_name as "Favourite",

              CASE WHEN ali.useable_type = 'View' THEN 'views/' || v.repository_url

            WHEN ali.useable_type = 'Workbook' THEN 'workbooks/' || w.repository_url

            END AS "Url"

              FROM asset_lists al

              JOIN asset_list_items ali ON ali.asset_list_id = al.id

              JOIN system_users su ON su.id = al.owner_id

              LEFT OUTER JOIN views v ON v.id = ali.useable_id AND ali.useable_type = 'View'

              LEFT OUTER JOIN workbooks w ON w.id = ali.useable_id AND ali.useable_type = 'Workbook'


            This generates data like :

            I think at some point from v8 to v10 the URL format changed a bit, so I've also then created a calc field in my data source to modify the URL when the string containts /sheet/

            I use this data source on our internal company landing page - we're currently running v10.1.1.  There's a possibility the postgres db may have changed since then so I can't vouch whether the query still works, but hopefully it gives you an idea of where to start.




            PS - think the NULL rows are favourites where the view/workbook has since ben deleted from the sever - I filter these out in my Tableau view.