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    Get last non-null value

    Justin Joseph

      I am working  on creating a bullet chart with multiple API(actual performance index) for API Survey, API Drilling, API Layout, API Recording and API Pickup. The API is a performance index measurement in percentages. The problem I am having is that the different phases start and finish at different dates and I am trying to get the last non-null value, but have been unsuccessful as I am newer to Tableau. Please let me know if anyone need details. There is a lot of extra fields in the workbook, but the only fields you should look for is the API in them

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Justin

          wow your workbook is complex

          and you have a different date field for each of your measures - I'm not certain I understand the goal but your individual last dates can be found with 4 formulas like this



          Now comes the problem - there are 4 different date fields that really don't know one another - it you require creating a single continuous date frame and associating each or your dates with that continuous frame - see scaffolding

          TDT: Data Scaffolding with Joe Mako

          don't know if you are looking at these 4 areas independently or combined - if they are individual you can use the above formulas - if you want to look at a combined result the solution is much more complex




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