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    How to use the same view as a dynamic filter in multiple dashboards, both backwards and forwards in a drilldown?

    Anne Marie Delaney



      I have created a tableau report that contains 4 dashboards, each containing a bubble chart which can be used to drilldown across the four dashboards. If you select one bubble on Dashboard 1, you are taken to Dashboard 2. If you select a bubble on this dashboard, you are then taken to a third dashboard and so on. This is done using filter actions across dashboards. This functionality works correctly.


      The problem comes when I add a new view below each bubble chart on every dashboard. The same view has been added to each dashboard. For example, let's say that this new view shows the Top 3 States by Sales. If I select a state in this view, the bubble chart above it should be filtered and all subsequent dashboards in the drilldown of the bubble chart are also filtered. If I select a State, e.g. State A, on Dashboard 1 then the bubble chart above and all the other Dashboards are filtered by State A. I then select a bubble from the bubble chart on Dashboard 1 and I am taken to Dashboard 2. On Dashboard 2, the new State view is not showing the fact that State A has been selected. All of the States look available for filtering, even though tall of the dashboards are actually filtered by State A due to the selection on dashboard 1. My problem is increased, as if I now select a new State on Dashboard 2, e.g. State B, then all the dashboards become filtered by State B, even Dashboard 1. But if I return to Dashboard 1, State A is still selected on the State view even though State B is now the active action.


      Does anyone know how to use selections on the same view across multiple dashboards?


      I'd be very grateful for any help!


      I've also attached a sample workbook with two dashboards which demonstrate how the dashboard is working. If you have any questions, please let me know.


      Kind regards,


      Anne Marie