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    Tableau Server Slows Down Sporadically

    Manjot Singh

      Hello everyone


      We have a Tableau Server (10.5) set up to run on a Virtual Machine, with more than adequate resources. Everything runs pretty smoothly normally except that at some irregular intervals, the server slows down. When we try to access the Server on the web, it is very unresponsive and takes long time to load. The views and dashboard load times also shoot up significantly.


      This scenario is accompanied by a message similar to, 'Gateway service is down'.


      Any ideas about what could be wrong here?


      Thank you

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          Hello Manjot,


          I would review the following doucmentation on deploying Tableau Server on a virtual machine.


          + How to Deploy Tableau Server on VMware VSphere: A Full Guide


          Additonally, please verify that the VM meets that Tableau Server technical specifications. All Technical Specifications | Tableau Software


          NOTE: The Tech Specs are noted for physcial CPUS, please review documenation on the virtual machine to find out how many physical cpus that machine is running.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            John Kuo

            I would make sure your VM instance runs only Tableau Server, nothing else. Also make sure Tableau Server is excluded from anti-virus scan.


            From Before you install...


            • IIS and port 80—Our recommendation is to run Tableau Server on a dedicated computer. Running Tableau Server on a computer with other applications may degrade performance. In addition, running Tableau Server with other applications may interfere with ports required by Tableau Sever. Tableau Server's gateway listens on port 80, which is also used by Internet Information Services (IIS) by default. If are installing Tableau Server on a computer that's also running IIS, you should modify the Tableau's gateway port number to avoid conflict with IIS. SeeTableau Server PortsandEdit the Default Portsfor details.
            • Antivirus software—Antivirus software that performs full drive scans can interfere with Tableau Server. In some cases, interference from antivirus software will prohibit Tableau Server from starting up. In addition, full scans of active drives where Tableau Sever is installed may impact performance. If you plan to run antivirus software on the computer running Tableau Server, follow the recommendations in the Knowledge Base.


            The VM article Patrick suggested is very good but it's 29 pages long. Try this one first then that article if you really want to dig into VM config: Tableau VM Tuning and Best Practices






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