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    How to create a comparison graph with 2 fixed values (top and average) vs 1 value selected by filter?

    Fernando Kommers


      I am relatively new to Tableau and need to create a 3 field comparison graphic as below (Number of items sold vs the store name):


      Column A should show the number of items sold by the top store (the best seller)

      Column B should show the average number of items sold, considering all stores

      Column C should show the number of items sold by the selected store (filter)


      The number of items sold is a measurement field and the store name is a dimension field.


      I already have the 3 columns done in 3 different spreadsheets and merged into a panel.


      But, I found 2 problems:


      1 - In order to show the 3 columns in the same scale, I have set a fixed range axis for the 3 columns. The problem is that I will need to update the values manually each time I update the database.

      2 - I have 3 filters in the Panel: Year, Region and Store Name. The first 2 applies to the 3 columns and the "Store Name" applies only to the Column C.

      As I created the column A with a "Top 1" parameter, it will show the values of same store (Top overall), regardless of the year or region I select in the first 2 filters.



      Any idea on how to solve it?


      Thanks in advance!