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    Rolling Table Calculations

    Andrew Glenn

      I will try to compile a set of dummy data to represent my question in the meantime.

      EDIT: basic workbook attached

      EDIT: After working on this a bit, I was able to get both sets of monthly and running totals in separate sheets. My question has now evolved to how to display utilization totals on the same sheet as membership.



      I have a table that houses membership data. My goal is to track, on a monthly basis, the volume of members who have not utilized their membership through the current month.


      For example, if I have 10 members in Jan and 6 utilize their membership, I would like to show a 4. If I have 15 (total, unique) members in Jan-Feb and 9 utilize their membership, I would like to show a 6 ... and so on throughout the year.


      Basically, I want to anchor the evaluation range on January through and including the current month, displaying all 12 months in the report. Months in the future can be NULL or 0.