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    Exporting data to Excel

    Laurie Hills



      So, on the Data Source sheet, is there anyway to move the columns around so when I export the data Tableau exports the data in the order I need?



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          James Crider

          Hi Laurie,


          I'm not 100% positive about this but if you are using the "Export to CSV" menu option from the data source screen I believe it behaves the same as the View Data/Export All option in the tooltip, and I'm not aware of a way to sort the columns under both circumstances.  Not having the ability to customize that data behind is one of the glaring omissions in the product and it has been requested in the Ideas forum.  It is currently the #3 all time requested feature.


          Depending on your use case it might be necessary to make a text table/worksheet and build your own "csv" with the export to crosstab function.

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            Laurie Hills

            Yes, thank you James.

            That is what everyone has been telling me to do.




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