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    All Politicians Lie

    Brian Adams



      I'm trying to recreate the Main Chart in the attached workbook but have gotten stuck. I've dragged Person to Row shelf and Gantt Percent to Columns and Ruling to Color. It looks like I'm supposed to drag Percentage to Size but it doesn't seem to have the desired effect. Also the Half True category doesn't seem to be showing up and the Mostly True and True  are bass ackwards.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated



      Tableau 10.4

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          Gerardo Varela

          Hi Brian,

             Steve Wexler has some pretty nice looking vizzes. So Steve is only using three fields for the main viz.


          1.Person on the rows shelf sorted  by Percent Negative (Copy).



          2. Gantt Percent on the columns shelf.  Now Gantt Percent is a Table calculation click on the the triangle and edit the Table Calculation so you can see what partition he is using.


          3.Then it's just Ruling on the colors shelf.  Ruling would be sorted automatically by Alphabetical order you can always change the by dragging the colors around in the card.  The rest of the fields in the details shelf are for the slick tool tip. 

          Hope that helps,