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    Unable to do extracts with Tableau Online

    Matt Tolman

      First, let me say that I am new to Tableau, and am doing this for the first time.


      I have a data source that I am able to access through a Web Data Connector (it happens to be a FileMaker 16 server which ships out of the box with a preconfigured API for WDC).


      Using Tableau Desktop I am able to set it up as a data source, and everything is functional - doing refreshes, and creating worksheets and storyboards from the data source.


      We want to share this internally among our small team, so we purchased Tableau Online, with the plan of using tableau bridge to sync the data to our online environment.


      We setup a new Windows 10 VM, installed Tableau Desktop and started the tableau bridge as a service on the computer.


      Following the instructions I found online we are publishing our data source to Tableau online.   The first thing I notice is that the option for Extract in the Publish Data Source window is set to No, and it doesn't allow modification of that value.  Publishing is successful, but in Tableau Online the data source is showing as 'Live' which doesn't allow us to connect it to Tableau Bridge.   Next, in Tableau Desktop when I view the data source (the data source that is now from Tableau Online), I see it has an option to switch from Live to Extract.  When I try to switch it to Extract and click update I get an communication with data source error message that says: "Unable to properly calculate the domain for the field 'Number of Records'.  Displayed Data may be incorrect.   So, if I switch the connection back to live then I am able to see the data, but sure enough if I go in to create a chart, and look at the Number of Records column it is NULL for all records where it should have a value of 1, which does cause some errors.


      As far as I can tell I can't modify that number of records field.   It does seem like a connection issue is at the heart of this issue, but am unsure why the connection would work consistently and reliably when it is just Tableau Desktop, but not work with Tableau online, also I don't understand how to get it to successfully be an extract rather than a live connection.  I have read all the documentation / forums / videos that I can find on this topic.


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.   I am on Tableau Desktop 10.5.2, but have also been able to replicate this issue on Tableau Desktop 10.4.5.