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    How does tabcmd refreshextracs and .hyper extracts refresh work?

    Carlo Sanchez

      Hi Everyone,


      We have just switched over to Tableau Server 10.5.x and we have started the process of converting our existing data sources that were WDC (WebData Connectors) to .hyper extracts.

      We are able to do with no issues, our logic is to hit a webservice, download the content from the WS to a .txt file then go through the text file and generate the .hyper extract.

      We are able to publish the data, no issues with TSC (Tableau Server Client) but now we are the point of refreshing the .hyper extracts.


      With the old extracts in WDC I know it would go and hit the WS and refresh the data for our data sources when we did our refreshesextract with tabcmd.


      On our new .hyper extracts since we are downloading the the data from the webservice to .txt file to create the .hyper's and the hyper_db do I need to run my generate_hyper_extracts.py program prior to running the tabcmd refreshextracts. This seems the most logical to me.


      Tabcmd refreshextracts should know where to go and pick up my data right? That is the part I'm having trouble understanding. If anyone has any idea on how .hyper extracts are refreshed with "tabcmd refreshextracts" I would really appreciate it.


      Thanks in advanced.