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    Permitting download into Crosstab

    Katy Holmes



      I have a number of dashboards published to Tableau Public (eg Workbook: UoO_UG_Admissions2). All of these are set to prevent users from downloading the Tableau workbook. They are permitted to download the viz as a PDF or image. I would like users to be able to download the data in the tables into a crosstab, but not to be able to download the data or the workbook. This appears to be permitted in the download screen, is possible on our internal server, but on Tableau Public doesn't seem possible as you have to enable permission to download the workbook which I don't want.


      Download Options.PNG



      Has anyone got a resolution to this?



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          Hello Katy,


          That granular level of permissions is not currently allowed in Tableau Public. Though what could be done. Is tailoring the data source down.


          Submit an Idea to the team via the Tableau Community: Ideas


          Another option would be to tailor the workbook down to the specific sheet that you would like share and then aggregate the udderlying extract the data allowed to be downloaded should be similar to the crosstab extract.


          + Quick Start: Aggregated Extracts


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick