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    Tableau-Server initialization is failing on CentOS 7




      I am observing issues with tableau-server initialization on CentOS 7. Following are the steps I followed:


      1. I have created a new user 'tabroot' and added to sudoers.

           Then downloaded and installed tableau server on CentOS VM having sufficient hardware profile requried for tableau-server

      2. Started TSM by accepting End User Licence Agreement

      3. Activated and Registered Tableau Server

      4. Configured Firewall state on VM as per tableau Doc

      5. Configured initial node using following json config file


         "configEntities": {

            "gatewaySettings": {

               "_type": "gatewaySettingsType",

               "port": 80,

               "firewallOpeningEnabled": true,

               "sslRedirectEnabled": true,

               "publicHost": "localhost",

               "publicPort": 80


            "identityStore": {

               "_type": "identityStoreType",

               "type": "local",

               "domain": "example.lan",

               "nickname": "EXAMPLE"



           "configKeys": {

              "gateway.timeout": "900"



      6. Applied configuration changes to Tableau Server, using command: tsm pending-changes apply


      [tabroot@fos-elastic-02-dp tableau_server]$ tsm pending-changes apply

      Logging in as user 'tabroot' since no --username flag was given.


      This operation will perform a server restart. Are you sure you wish to continue?

      (y/n): y

      Starting deployments asynchronous job.

      9% - Retrieving the topology to deploy.

      18% - Retrieving the configuration to deploy.

      27% - Validating the new topology.

      36% - Determining if server needs to be started.

      45% - Disabling all services.

      54% - Waiting for the services to stop.

      63% - Updating nodes to new topology.

      72% - Waiting for topology to be applied.

      81% - Updating nodes to new configuration.

      90% - Reconfiguring services.

      100% - Waiting for services to reconfigure and start.

      Successfully deployed nodes with updated configuration and topology version.


      7. At the final state, I have Initialized server explicitly before starting it.


      [tabroot@fos-elastic-02-dp ~]$ tsm initialize --request-timeout 1800

      Logging in as user 'tabroot' since no --username flag was given.


      Initializing the server...

      3% - Validating that there are no pending changes.

      7% - Generating passwords.

      11% - Initializing the topology.

      15% - Checking if required database services are present.

      19% - Disabling database services.

      23% - Installing the maintenance app.

      26% - Removing the database maintenance app.

      Server initialization was unsuccessful.

      See '/home/tabroot/.tableau/tsm/tsm.log' for more information.

      NOTE: The tsm.log state one the https GET request is failing without much info to understand the real issue to debug further. The ERROR statements in the log file is stated below and attached whole log file(tsm.log):

      2018-03-23 05:54:47 main : INFO  com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.async.AsyncJobDelegate - Retrieved async job status Running. Id=27, progress=23

      2018-03-23 05:54:48 main : DEBUG com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.ServerApi - Client request: GET https://fos-elastic-02-dp.englab.brocade.com:8850/api/0.5/asyncJobs/27

      2018-03-23 05:54:48 main : INFO  com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.async.AsyncJobDelegate - Retrieved async job status Failed. Id=27, progress=100

      2018-03-23 05:54:48 main : ERROR com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.async.AsyncJobDelegate - Asynchronous job 27 completed but wasn't successful.

      2018-03-23 05:54:48 main : ERROR com.tableausoftware.tabadmin.Tabadmin - Server initialization was unsuccessful.


      I am new to tableau, please help me if you have context.