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    How to restrict color as per dimension

    Deepika Goyal

      Hi All,


      I have Branch as dimension which has 100 values and i am creating dashboard to compore max 5 branches selected by user.


      Problem statement:

      1. I want to restrict 5 colors on the dashboard for the braches, since i have dragged branch name in the color mark tab and has 100 different branches. colors are changing when i am changing my branches. I can select max 5 branches, can i restrict color for 5?


      2. Hierarchy is Region, City and Branch. Since i have restrictied 5 branches on 'TOP' section in the filter pane, when i select ALL, it automatically takes 5 brances from the branch list and restrict city in city view and region in region view. Any solution for this?





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          Lucie Brett

          Hello Deepika,


          For your first point, maybe you could create a palette which only have five colours in it?


          Create Custom Color Palettes


          On your second point, I am not sure I follow - if you only have five branches, then they only have their own region and city and so the entire list wouldn't show, right?


          Have a good day!

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            Deepika Goyal



            Thanks for your reply.


            Let me explain scenario again:


            I have created a dashboard in which branch level analysis is done on various KPI's, the user can select max 6 branches or I would say, the dashboard should not run if the user has not selected 6 branches ( which is not happening today, my first problem statement)


            secondly, my color mark card is set to Branch Name and Branch name dimension has 100 values. I have assigned color palette also, each time I am changing the branch name, a palette is packing up branch name color automatically.


            Since a user can select max 6 branches, I want to restrict colors to 6,


            any suggestion plz