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    Calculated field for time delta between grouped rows

    Taylor Floyd

      I'm attempting to calculate the difference in time between grouped rows(by METADATA1) of data that share identical information in a field. Pseudo-code for this would be [for distinct METADATA1, calculate time delta between previous row and current]. There is no preference whether it rounds down or up depending on the (seconds) evaluation.


      I've included sample data with desired calculated field in red below:







      ident: zz0000101-Jan-2018 10:54:38DOCUMENT/NOTESDocument Viewing0
      ident: zz0000101-Jan-2018 10:54:41NOTES/NOTESNotes0
      ident: zz0000101-Jan-2018 10:59:41DOCUMENT/NOTESDocument Viewing5
      ident: zz0000101-Jan-2018 10:59:44NOTES/NOTESNotes5
      ident: zz0000202-Jan-2018 10:43:09NOTES/NOTESNotes0
      ident: zz0000202-Jan-2018 10:44:37HISTHist 1
      ident: zz0000202-Jan-2018 10:44:40NOTES/NOTESNotes1


      My current formula is:



      1. IF LOOKUP(ATTR([Metadata1]),-1)!= ATTR([Metadata1]) 
      2. THEN 
      3. DATEDIFF('minute', LOOKUP(ATTR([Enddatetime]),-1),ATTR([Enddatetime])) 
      4. END 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.