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    Apply LOOKUP(MIN(([mydate])),0) date filter to all sheets

    Chaitanya Moparthi

      Hi Team,


      I have used lookup(min(([mydate])),0) to do cumulative date sum. But I could not apply the same to all sheets in my work book.

      I have done intensive research and found multiple solutions online which does not help me. I have few questions which will be helpful to many tableau developers


      1. Some one suggested to declare this calculated filed as Parameter but I could not file how to assign calculated field (date here) with range of values
      2. Other suggestion is to create a global filter with calculated field.


      Can any one or an expert here help me applying the lookup(min(([mydate])),0) to any or parameter or global filter to make sure it works across all the sheets?

      please not post a reference link related to this which does not help. I tried almost all the available links.


      Thanks for the help.