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    Method for easily refreshing an extract on Tableau Server

    Jeff Johnson

      I have a dashboard I have built that uses a data extract from a database, and an excel file on a shared UNC file. I have set a refresh schedule to update every day at 7am. This works fine.


      However, if I want a user to be able to refresh it ad hoc, I thought that by selecting the 'Refresh' button below it would regenerate the extracts, but apparently that is not what it does. It doesn't seem to affect the report at all.


      Is there a simple way for the user to be able to refresh an extract, without having to go to the 'Refresh Schedules' tab and selecting Run now?

      I'd love to be able to put a button on the report that refreshes it.


      Thank you.

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          Ritesh Bisht

          That Refresh button should work with Live Connections.

          So if you make your connection Live that should work. ( but then it is not helpful to go with Live connection most of the time due to performance issues  )

          I do have one Live Oracle DB report which refreshes with Refresh button

          --------->Connecting to Data Sources

          First of all, some data sources will not allow extracts—they will only allow live connections. Obviously, if that's the case, you don't have to make a decision: use the live connection.

          That easy choice aside, there's a long answer to this simple question. As you experiment with different approaches and learn more about the many variables that have an impact data performance, access, freshness, and the ins and outs of specific databases, you'll formulate an answer that works for your users in your organization.

          However, we understand that you need to get your users connected to data today. So in this section we provide some guiding principles that you can use to make sound data access decisions as you roll out your shiny new Tableau Server.




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            Nirav Shah



            Refresh button in the first screenshot is for refreshing the report/dashboard and not the extract data source. It will only come in handy when user level cache memory is legging behind the extract datasource (and off course for the live connection). For example, in your case if user opens a report before 7.00 AM, user is likely to see old data through the day due to cache memory (I am assuming your admin has selected "Refresh less option" on server settings). So in other words, 'Refresh' button on the report/dashboard will only help to get in sync with tableau data source.


            To address your issue, only option I can think of is change the schedule to update your data source periodically....let's say every hour. Now, every time user opens the report and hit the 'Refresh' button they will get most unto date data. I hope this helps.



            Nirav Shah