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    Tableau Server 10.5 poor performance, lot of tabcmd errors

    Todd Burdell

      We've started with tableau server 8.2 and have always upgraded with each release. We recently upgraded to server 10.5 and we've had nothing but problems ever sense. The entire server is slow, from accessing the login screen to navigating between pages. Workbooks time out before opening.  We also use tabcmd to execute extract refreshes and to refresh workbooks and save them as pdfs. Everything fails except for authentication, after that a lot of 502 proxy errors or 503 service not available errors. It rotates between the two.


      I've been able to over some of this by issing tabadmin stop, cleanup, and start commands. But that's only a temporary fix and not feasible to do during production hours.


      It's also running 23 postgresql services and 14 server launcher services.


      Has this been experienced by anyone else?