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    Count of Stores with Zero Sales

    Daniel Sheppard

      I am trying to build a report that shows how many stores got zero sales. It is organized by Territory (a Territory has many stores in it). It will look kind of like this, count of stores in each territory, how many of those stores had 0 sales and the percentage of their stores that have zero sales:

      Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 11.54.00 AM.png

      At first I thought this would be easy, maybe it still is and I am just not getting it. But I cant figure out how to count the number of stores that have zero sales.


      I tried putting in a filter for when sum(sales) us 0, but that only works if I have all the stores listed. But I only want the Territories listed. Any ideas? I have a feeling that we may need a Level of Detail Calc but I am rather lost on those.

      Thanks again in advance for everyones help!