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    Install existing SAN certificate?

    Edward Taylor

      Hi everyone - I have seen this asked before but no clear answers or steps in Tableau Admin guide either (only for when creating a SAN cert which is not what I need to know about).


      My situation is:


      Already have Tableau Server SSL working with SAML/SSO on my Stage tableau server like:




      Everything works just fine.


      Recently we have had customer complaints about embedding views being unviewable because their browsers don't allow 3rd party cookies. So long and short of it is I need to embed views using a different URL like:




      I terminate SSL on my server, not on a load balancer.


      So i need to get a SAN cert and install it so that SSO/SAML still works with stage-tableau.company.com same as before, but so that we can also use embedded views with Trusted Tickets.


      In the "creating your own SAN cert" bit of the admin guide, I see you have to edit the apache.conf - is this still the case if you have your own SAN cert?


      Also if anyone has clear steps on how to install an existing SAN cert on Tableau Server I would really appreciate that.


      Thank you,