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    Server Security Concerns

    Yosief Yihunie

      Hi All,

      We have been using Tableau on our campus to build dashboards for internal users (which require an account to view) but now we are creating some public facing dashboards as well. As we move toward sharing them, some on campus have raised concerns about possible security concerns resulting from allowing outside users to interact with dashboards on our servers. I am wondering if anyone can share with us their practices around maintaining data security for dashboards accessible by the public. 


      We are interested in hearing anything you have to share on this, but these are the kinds of questions being raised so far:

      1.       Are you posting dashboards from your own server, or are you using Tableau Public (or something else) as an intermediary?

      2.       Are there any specific precautions that are being taken when posting dashboards to address security concerns (e.g. using dummy IDs, not including certain kinds of data, only using extracts)?

      3.       Are you using any other software/tools/vendors to securely host and/or protect data from external attacks?