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    TabPy NLP Processing

    Raymond Rashid

      Tableau community,


      I'm working on an NLP project. I've done all the work in python, but trying to leverage the visual ability in Tableau.


      However I get an error, "Unexpected number of results returned by SCRIPT function. Function expected 42 values; 112 values were returned." I know why this is appearing as it is only trying to return one row to each row in Tableau. However, how can I force a one to many? I'm trying to leverage this into a word cloud to look at the frequency of words that are Nouns and the like.


      My TabPy Script_Str code is as below:


      "import nltk
      import pandas as pd
      import numpy as np
      from nltk.stem import WordNetLemmatizer
      from wordcloud import WordCloud, STOPWORDS


      lemmatizer = WordNetLemmatizer()
      t2 = str(t1)
      t3 = lemmatizer.lemmatize(t2)
      t4 = nltk.word_tokenize(t3)
      tagged = nltk.pos_tag(t4)
      keys = 'NN','NNP', 'NNS', 'NNPS', 'PRP', 'PRP$', 'WP'
      y = [x for x in tagged if not x in keys]
      z= pd.DataFrame(y)
      for x in c:
          if str.isalpha(x):
      o = np.unique(d)
      a = o.tolist()
      stopwords = set(STOPWORDS)
      b = [x for x in a if not x in stopwords]
      return b
      , attr([ABC]))