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    Server Start successfully but can not connect

    Ken Yu

      Fairly new to Tableau server.  I have a situation where the Tableau Server looks like it started.  Service is started, tablicsrv log shows (Started tableau) and tabadmin log file shows successful start but when I try to connect using browser, it say connection refused. What other logs can I enable to help me troubleshoot this.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Jeff Strauss

          There could be numerous reasons for this.  Start with doing a "tabadmin status -v" and verify that all processes are running.


          Then, verify that the gateway is listening on port 80 or if you're running SSL, then port 443.  Perhaps do you have other apps that are blocking this port?  If port 80 is blocked, then Tableau Server tries to use port 8000, so add :8000 after your URL and see if this works.  You can check ports by going to a command prompt and doing a netstat -abon.  This will list out all the ports that are established / listening and what executable has it.