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    April 12, 2018 - Next San Diego Tableau User Group Meeting

    Matt Shoemaker



      * Note: This event is free to attend *


      ** Note: The meeting will start at 5PM this time.


        Come join us at Ashford University for a chance to learn from a true Tableau Legend.  Steve Wexler has been blogging about Tableau since February 2011 at www.datarevelations.com and he has presented many times at the Tableau Customer Conference over the years, most prolifically on the topic of analyzing survey data.  Steve is a Tableau Zen Master and is co-author of The Big Book of Dashboards.


      Steve will be covering how to prepare your survey data for analysis as well as how to effectively visualize it.  Almost every Tableau developer gets presented with survey data at some point in their careers and this is a great opportunity to learn some serious time-saving methods.


      Charles Sutton from Ashford University will be presenting on his passion, Process Control Charts.  Charles will be demonstrating how he has used Tableau to create dashboards that provide an easy way to manage by exception.  Managing by exception is an increasingly important management method, allowing teams to focus limited resources on where they're needed.


      During the meeting we'll be giving away a copy of The Big Book of Dashboards so please join us for what will surely be a great evening!


      **Don't forget to click the link above to RSVP