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    Unconventional DATE format

    Larry Hill

      Just trying to build a WDC for an open dataset on Crime. I got it to work with the exception for pulling in the date field correctly. I have tried using "date" or "datetime" in the WDC.js file and I get nulls. I then tried "float", & "string" and continue to pull in nulls.


      Any suggestions?


      Here's a sample of the JSON file:


        "address_number": "14300",

        "agency": "MCPD",

        "beat": "4K1",

        "case_number": "10011074",

        "city": "SILVER SPRING",

        "crimename1": "Other",

        "crimename2": "All Other Offenses",

        "crimename3": "RECOVERED PROPERTY - MONT CO.",

      "date": "2010-03-10T17:31:19.000",

        "district": "WHEATON",

      "end_date": "2017-03-06T13:00:00.000",

        "geolocation": {

        "type": "Point",

        "coordinates": [




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          Birgit Hansen

          Hi Larry,


          I do not the answer for you, though I am extremely interested in your project on building an open data set on crime.  However, I want to point you in the direction of Tableau Community Developer Forums

          As you can tell here are people who work with Web Data Connectors like yourself as well as a Javascript group.


          As said I am extremely interested in you endeavor should you be able to put an open data source together and offer the community.


          Cheers, -Birgit