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    Group member report without logging in

    John Woade

      Hi everyone,


      I have a question that has been bugging me for sometime and wonder if anyone can shed any light on it. I was tested in Tableau some time ago and one of the questions was regarding saying which users were members of a certain group. There was no server login provided but I could use tabadmin or tabcmd but as far as I can tell this wont help. I have been asking colleagues and searching on the net but as far as I can see this isn't possible, or at least not in 2 min. Anyone know if this was a red herring or is it really possible?


      Thanks a lot.



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          Jeff Strauss

          One way of getting this done is to create a Tableau workbook with the following SQL against the internal db.



            groups.name as name,

            _users.name as _users_name,

            _sites.name as _sites_name,

            domains.short_name AS short_name

          FROM public.group_users

            INNER JOIN public.groups  ON (group_users.group_id = groups.id)

            INNER JOIN public._users  ON (group_users.user_id = _users.id)

            INNER JOIN public._sites  ON (groups.site_id = _sites.id)

            INNER JOIN public.domains ON (groups.domain_id = domains.id)



          And the output looks like this (pardon the wingdings for anonymity.





          And then you can use a tabcmd export and pass in the group name to filter down to the group that you;re interested.

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            John Woade

            Thanks for your input Jeff, I didn't think of querying the internal DB, good idea! I however didn't even have the desktop client.


            Basically I might as well come clean I took the Server Qualified Associate exam some time ago and got a lower mark than I wanted. I have been hiding my rage for months as several questions needed, I am sure, server access such as this one.

            I asked the invigilator twice if there was an UN/PW to login but they were resolute that no UN/PW was given. This means it should be possible to do it without logging in to the server and without the Desktop client (although even with I think that SQL querying the internal DB is wayyy beyond what is expected from the exam.)

            I am no Tableau beginner and it has been eating away at me for months as I just don't think its possible. I think the UN/PW wasn't provided by mistake and I should have been able to into the server and look.





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              Jeff Strauss

              Ah, the context helps.  I didn't notice (from your original post) that you were tested about this on the QA exam.  In any case, I am wondering if there may have been a UN/PW somewhere within one of the supplied directories that go along with the test.  I know this is the case for the pro server exam, and I can't recall for the QA exam as it's too far gone from my memory.  I do think though that  in order to access server, or use tabcmd, or even query the database, you need to have credentials.  If you'd like to talk more about your experience, or vent, you can reach out to me offline.