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    Parameter or Filter

    Kelly McGrady

      So what I want to do is make a filter that I can input a value and that value will affect my financial table. Like I will input 10 and my volume will shrink by 10 and the total will shrink accordingly I do have the rate and the units of measure as well. thank you

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Kelly


          Filters and Parameters in tableau have 2 totally different purposes - the function that you are describing sounds like you want the user to input a value and then you use that value in a calculation to change the value in a different measure - that would be a parameter - they are the means that a user can input a single value into table (they are static - are global apply to the entire workbook and remain constant till change manually by the user 0


          You would back up the parameter with a calculation that might look like Sum(volume) - [Parameter value] 


          Filters are used to limit the range of a dimension (or measure) that is presented in the view - you could say  just show me all values greater than parameter valuebut it would not change the value




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            Kelly McGrady

            Thank you for the response, I will let you know if I was able to make it but from your answer my problem may be solved.

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              Jim Dehner

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