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    Viewing chart with no data

    Push Pareek

      My data is spread out for over many days:

      I have data for 0-40 days and then from 100 days- 300 days. Now on the Tableau dashboard(10.5 version) I see the bar chart for these two categories. However, i want to see the categories 41- 99 days and also 301+ days on the same bar chart Tableau dashboards but I do not see the bar chart for the later categories. It does not matter to me if there is no data, but i still want to see the count as zero on the bar chart.


      Can anyone help how to do i make these later categories(41-99 and 301+) visible on the bar chart without manipulating the original data?


      Note: I don't want to introduce any blank cells in the original data.


      Things I tried but didn't work:

      Analysis > Table layout > show columns and rows

      Edit axes