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    Any way to see applied filters when offline

    Steffen Nielsen



      My company restricts access to our databases when not physically present on their network; so when working remote I am not able to connect to my datasources. However I now need to see which filters have been applied to a workbook - but tableau will not let me get to the "Data Sources" tab without signing in to my database (which I obviously cannot, since I am not on my companys wifi).

      Is there a workaround to see which active filters have been saved in the workbook, even though you are offline/not connected to the source?


      If I try to hit the tab "Data Source" I get a prompt asking me to put in my credentials for our SQL-Server. Hitting "close" just returns me to my previous page. Trying to sign in will time-out eventually since I dont have access when remote.

      I tried to see if I could be taken to the data source tab by adding a new source and I can. But if I try to select the real source, then I get prompted again.


      The data source is a live source, not an extract. I need to see the filter, because I need to replicate the data directly in SQL (which I can access through remote/Citrix).


      Hope above makes sense?