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    Issue - SHP map broken when connecting Excel Data

    TheCefi Org

      Hi People.

      I'm facing a problem when trying to link Excel Data with a Shapefile.


      Step 1 - Creating a base map

      I Import the SHP then I can easily create a Map of each polygon and i'm happy with the result.

      1. SHP only (before importation of Excel).png


      Step 2 - I'm importing and joining an Excel File (join with "LLG Name"). The importation works well but it generates a mapping problem (see step 3).

      2. Join Excel file.jpg

      Step 3 - When I consult my base map, most of the area have disappeared and I don't find a way to show all polygons again.

      3. Mapping problem.jpg


      Any idea on how to resolve this problem?


      Please find attached the SHP file (used on step 1) and the Excel file (used on step 2).