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    Unable to get calculated field in the "Target Filters" while setting Action filters.

    Shripad Nadiger

      Hi All,

      I was working on one of the issue where the user doesn't want to click twice while clicking on the "Back" button.


      I am following a very good example posted here by Ville Tyrväinen


      Why I have to double click on dashboard to use the action or filter


      But I am stuck while setting the "Actions" . As, per the instructions i did create two calculations based on "ID" which i derived by count([Number of records]).


      so my calculations are,

      ID= count([Number of records])

      calculation1: ID+1

      calculation2: ID+2


      Now in the Actions menu,

      When I go to Target Filters--->Selected Fields ---> Add filter.

      In the source, I can see the created calculations on the "Source" but unable to see them on "Target". I am using a single data source.


      Am I missing something here ?


      Thanks and Regards,

      Shripad Nadiger