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    Get churn of users

    Amir Hadi



      I am completely new to Tableau and trying to evaluate it, because we need a solution to easily explore our data and visualize some KPIs of our app in dashboards.

      Our users can install our app to share the computing power with us. A user that is not active anymore after X weeks is considered as lost / disconnected.


      The related data model is something like the following:



      A user can have n computers and each computer can have up to n records with statistics about the computers speed.


      For our business I would consider a user as churned when his computers isn't reporting any new stats for X weeks (lets say 2 weeks).


      How would you visualize this? Would you do a bar chart where you see how many users reach a specific week of usage? How can I do this in Tableau? I'd like to see how many of our users stay active for a specific period of time.


      (Sorry for not attaching a workbook, because the dataset is so large, I didn't manage to filter out critical data and publish it here. Is there a function for this in Tableau, too?)