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    Count how many times an specific dimension occurs

    Miguel Pacheco

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to count the total of times that an NRID appear with work status = "not started". Per example following the table below:


      NRIDWork StatusOBS
      12_1Not StartedRED
      3452_3Not StartedRED
      12_1Not StartedRED


      1 time = a total of 3 (3452_3 & 12343_36 & 97_7)

      2 times = a total of 1 (12_1)


      So the sum should be like this:

      I have done a filter set only with Work status = "not started" and a calculation: { FIXED [Nrid], [Work Status] : COUNT([Nrid])}


      and put it like this:



      I can put it like graphic example above, but I'm not being able to put the SUMs. It give me the results but with NRID on detail. Every time i take NRID from the detail, it gives me again only the grand total.

      Can anyone help me out and say to me what i'm doing wrong here?


      Thanks in advance