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    Work Durations and a TP90

    Justin Pulley

      Here is my current challenge.  I have a datasource that has the following "steps" in a workflow:




      Work in  Progress

      Pending Others



      I have been asked to calculate ONLY the total duration where the steps are not Pending Others.  I think I have that working, however I could be wrong.  Next I have to show the TP90 of those durations as a whole.  When I did a TP90 calc in excel it said the TP90 was 16.5, when I did it in tableau it said 6.9; the sample data is slightly different than my actual data, but excel shows an 11 day TP90 and Tableau says 4.1


      What the heck is up with this.  How can I do this better because the next piece they want is all the durations with color breakdown for each duration in the process including pending others.

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          Justin Pulley

          I suppose the other thing that needs to be said is that comment, work in progress, and pending others can happen multiple times.  Unfortunately the system that this data comes from also sets the workflow from Open to Comment at the exact same time, so you always have Open and Comment at the start of the stream with the exact same datetime.