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    How to re-position the Entire view on Worksheet (Not on Dashboard) ?

    Preetam Jawaria

      Hello People,


      I am struggling to re-position my Entire view on worksheet.

      The view contains 6 Dough-Nut charts in top part of the Worksheet, Because of that it is not getting fit in dashboard.


      May I know how can I bring the whole view to the center or to the bottom of the Worksheet (So that will resolve the fitting issue in dashboard also).


      I have the view as of now like this (Available) :

      Dough nut issue.PNG

      And I actually want to see the worksheet view as (Required) :

      Dough nut resolved.PNG


      I tried using all possible option (fit height, fit width, entire view), But none of them worked for this.

      I have some data security issue so couldn't share the original .twbx file.