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    Filter a filter by unselecting the values, not removing them

    Andrew Piskorowski

      Hi, I'd like the values on one filter to be updated when I use another filter. I attached an example of the superstore data where the data is set by Region and Continent. What I'd like to is have the user select a Region, it selects(filters) the data on the relevant values, but also allow users add Continents that might not be in their Region.


      In my own data - further explained, I have a sheet with a US map and a sheet of data. On the map sheet, one can filter by selecting states, or regions which are groups of states. These filters also filter the data sheet for the dashboard. I understand the 'show relevant values' option, however I dont want to ever remove options from showing, I just want the options to become un-selected. My users would like for instance, if they select Region 5, the 6 states that are in Region 5, show on the map (this works) but the state list to also only have the 6 states selected, with all the other states still shown in the list. Then a user could also select additional states. For instance, select Region 5 + Michigan. -Andrew


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