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    How we can change Month on Month bar graph dynamically

    Nani D

      Hello Experts,


      It would be really great if you can help my on below issue.


      In attached screenshot, i am doing MoM on comparison on current R12 Vs. Previous year R12. It means as we are in now March'18 then Current Year R12 would be (Mar'17 - Feb'18 ) and Previous year R12 would be (Mar'16 - Feb'17). I was able to achieve the logic to change dynamically based on below logic, but here only issue is, in Month bar is not moving when we move to next month. Ex: As we are in march, last bar should show Fe'18&Feb'17 comparison and if we move to April then last bar should be comparison of Apr'18&Apr'17.


      I knew With sorting option on Month field can be done, but it will not update dynamically, it remains static.


      I attached screenshot, . Could anyone please help me to update the month automatically. In attached screenshot, Feb bars should show at last,as we are in March.   Please let me know if i am not clear with logic.


      Thank you.