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    None of my Values showing up

    Bryan Egan

      Hey everyone. I grabbed a bunch of data for both public and private transfer students from the college I work at. I am trying to compare the year to year numbers for tranfers to public and private colleges. But, when I put the data into Tableau, nothing is working correctly. I have tried two different ways. One: all on one spreadsheet like so:


      Year                        Title                       Total

      2009-2010                Public A                 1

      2009-2010                Public B                 1

      2010-2011                Public A                  2

      2010-2011                Public B                  2

      2009-2010                Private A                1

      2009-2010                Private B                1

      2010-2011                Private B                 2

      2010-2011                Private B                 2


      As well as put all the public data on one sheet and all the private data on a separate sheet and inner joined them on year.


      But none of the data is working. I can't filter by title nor are any of the numbers showing up. Is there some issue I am missing?



      This is proving quite the headache since this should be a pretty simple compare between variables. I have no clue where the issue is. I would love to get some help/feedback on this. 



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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Bryan -

          would like to see the workbook to see how the data is joined and the structure of the data


          but that said convert your blue discrete Total private pill to green


          this is similar superstore data



          when converted to continuous this is the same data



          here is how to convert





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