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    Reference Line giving incorrect sum?

    Ben Perlman

      Hi all!


      Hoping someone can help me here.  This is a revenue/ target dashboard.  I'd like it to sum up targets and revenue for whatever is selected (total for the account manager selected, then re-adjust if just an account is selected).  Currently the top text table does this, but I would like the top right graph to as well (total revenue to target).


      The data is blended on month.  Revenue comes from sql table (goes down to day granularity), and target is from an excel spreadsheet (goes down to month granularity).


      For some reason the reference line is not always showing the correct values. I've tried changing it to show to show the avg instead of sum which works for clients, but not giving me the correct values when I want to see the total for all of account manager's accounts (when top text chart shows the correct value)


      If I change the reference line from sum to average it works for specific clients, but does not give me the correct numbers at the account manager level where all clients are summed together.