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    Running Count Distinct with Fixed Dimensions, Tableau Version 10.5

    Vinicius Messias



      Forgive my English, but I used Google to translate! I have the following situation:


      I need to measure the Conversion Rate of Single Customers who have purchased in a certain period, stratifying by Seller and by Product.

      This fee is calculated by dividing the Number of Single Customers who made a purchase in the Month by the Total Amount of Active Customers in the Month.

      The number of Active Customers in a given month is made through a Distinct Count in a range of six months prior to the reference month (Current Month - Six Months). That is, it is a Distinguished Mobile Count. While I have the whole time horizon the calculation is apparently correct.


      Correct Values:

      Plan 1, Actives Customers.png

      Plan 2, Quantity of Unique Customers.png


      Plan 3, Conversion Tax.png


      The problem begins when I stratify the data, filtering by Product or Time, because the Amount of Active Customers is recalculated, distorting the result. I was unable to set the Active Clients count, at most it should be stratified by Manager and Vendor. That is, regardless of the Month or Product filtered, the Amount of Active Customers amount in the Month should not be changed. I believe that this is due to the way in which I constructed these calculations, but I did not find any other alternative to arrive at this result.


      Wrong Values


      Filter by Month

      Filter by Product

      Plan 3, Conversion Tax (Wrong, Filtered by Month).pngPlan 3, Conversion Tax (Wrong, Filtered by Product).png


      How can I solve this?