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    Tableau-linux server and Javascript API

    Alina Cornea

      Hello everyone, I'm new to tableau but fascinated by things you can do with.

      I have a couple of questions, if someone could help me out I'll be more than happy.


      I'm trying to integrate Javascript API with Tableau Linux server running 10.5 version, but no success. Is there a link that can help me out or some recent setting docs for 10.5 and tableau-linux?

      Current URL: https:/MYSERVER/javascripts/api/tableau-2.min.js  , no response.


      Also, what will be a solution to visualize the views from Tableau-server once published,  in my application without the need of a sign in and credentials. I've done some research and found some answers to the same question but nothing related to the version I'm running.


      Thank you so much