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    Create similar Dashboards with change in filter

    Prasad N



      I have created below dashboard from 3 worksheets. Below dashboard has 3 Tables and all Tables have all Products data

      Now i wanted create similar more dashboard but each dashboard tables will have single product data only.


      Example: i have 10 products,  One dashboard will have all products data in all 3 tables and remaining 10 dashboard to be created, remaining each dashboard tables will have single product data. Report will have total 11 dashboards.


      After creating above Main dashboard (has all product data in all tables).  I duplicated above dashboard  and tried to filter "DT" product table data and used it as filter in duplicate dashboard but


      1) other tables data is not updated in duplicate dashboard with "DT" product data.

      2) If i do changes/apply filters in duplicate dashboard, then similar changes are happening in main dashboard also

      Is there way/ approach for above two issues ? Instead of creating 3 sheets for  each dashboard