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    show multiple columns under sub columns

    Cindy Goede

      I would like to show two separate columns under each cohort column like as follows 

      In the attached workbook, it looks like this


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you

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          Bill Lyons

          Like Sheet 50 (2) in the attached version?

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            Cindy Goede


            How did you do that?

            I see you moved Measure Names to columns, then ... what

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              Bill Lyons

              First, I removed all of your pills from the detail shelf and filter shelf, so I had a blank slate, except for your rows and columns pills.


              Then, I tried a few things that didn't work. Usually, if you drag more than one measure onto the canvas, it automatically switches to measure names/measure values mode. In your situation, it put one of them on text and the other on color, which I didn't expect. I'm guessing that is because you had put that item on color before, so it defaulted to that.


              That caused me to use the manual method for measure names/measure values:

              1. Drag Measure Values onto Text
              2. Drag Measure Names onto Columns, after Number In Cohort
              3. That gets very close, but the Sem% is summed, which you don't want. Since ATTR(Sem%) worked for you before, you have several solutions that all work the same by changing the Sum(Sem%) pill to:
                1. Attribute
                2. Min(Sem%)
                3. Max(Sem%)
                4. Median(Sem%)
                5. Average(Sem%)


              (The secret to the last step is that ATTR() compares the min and max values, and if they are equal, displays the value. If not, it displays *. If the min and max are equal, then all the values are the same, so min, max, average and median are all the same values.)


              I hope that helps!


              Oh, and I forgot to say a big THANK YOU for including a sample packaged workbook! It made it much easier to help you.

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