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    Side-By-Side Bar Report

    Rose K

      I have a requirement where I need to show side-by side bar report.

      SO, in my case I have to show current month bar and 12 months data bar.So, for more clarification, I have 10 facilities for an example and these 10 facilities would be on the x-axis and we have one measure to be shown which would be on Y-axis. And one bar represents current month data and other bar represents 12 month data analysis. Is there any way we could show this. I have tried some options but didn't work for me. Thank You

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          Wesley Magee


          There are a few ways to tackle this, but I took the most literal approach. To create both bars we'll need to create calculations for each one. In this case I've substituted Facility for Sub-Category and your value for Sales. First we need a calc to total the last 12 months, which would look like this:


          IF [Order Date] > DATEADD('month',-12,{MAX([Order Date])})

          THEN [Sales]



          Then we need a calculation for the most recent month in our data, which would look like this:


          IF MONTH([Order Date]) = MONTH({MAX([Order Date])})

          AND YEAR([Order Date]) = YEAR({MAX([Order Date])})

          THEN [Sales]



          Lastly we'll put Sub-Category (Facility) onto the columns shelf and then Measure Names. Place Measure Values on the Rows shelf. Then make sure that you've only picked the Measure Values that you want (the two calc we made).


          That should do it. You can format to clean up some of the lines, but that should give you the result your looking for. I'm attaching a workbook with my example. Let me know if you run into issues.


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            Wesley Magee

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