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    Drivetime distance polygons in a dual axis map

    Jon Turpin

      Hi all,


      I’m looking to plot a number of polygons and points on the same map.


      The polygons represent drivetime distance from stores, and we want to overlay the locations of the stores. I have the lat/long of each of the points on the polygon and the lat/long of the store, but am having some trouble getting the dual axis to work exactly as I want.


      What I want is a map that looks something like this - with the drivetime polygon underneath and the exact location of the store layered on top.

      Polygon and Point.JPG


      At the moment, I’ve set up the data source as attached (only one example shown), with the polygons at the top, and the locations of the stores unioned at the bottom of the data, incorporating a separate column (Store Point) so I can flag the store locations differently and plot using dual axis.


      The bottom layer of the map shows the polygons fine using lat and long in the shelf.

      When I put Store Point on detail on the top layer of the map, it shows all the locations exactly as I want them, however it also shows an extra point for all the lat and longs used in the polygons (which have a null value in Store Point).


      I’m keen to find a way to get rid of that extra unnecessary point. It’s not possible to filter, as this will filter out the polygon data, and every way I try to use different measures and dimensions in the shelf (including duplicating source data) seems to cause Tableau to forget I want to plot points on a map rather than a set of axes.


      Any suggestions gratefully received. I have a feeling it will be something around sets/ parameters, but would appreciate some help!



      Using tableau 10.5