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    Calculate %age of total

    Raheel Farooq

      Hi Team,


      I have data with the following fields



      2. Gender

      3. Date

      4. id


      I have dropped:

           - date on columns

           - Status and Gender on Rows

           - Count(Id) on Text


      It worked good so far.... but now I want to achieve what I have shown in red text in the attached image. e.g. I want to calculate what %age of active females are there in each time period


      referring to attached image....

      e.g. In Q4 2015 total females were 343+1000 = 1343, So under Q4 2015 Dropped %age should be calculated as   (1000/1343)*100)) = 74.5%  and so on....

      Kindly assist step by step. Thanks a lot




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          Wesley Magee


          It looks like all you need to do is drop in a table calculation for percent of total on the Count(ID) and then have it Compute Using DroppedStatus.


          First, right-click COUNTD(ID) and select Quick Table Calculation > Percent of Total.

          Then right-click on it again and select Compute Using > Dropped Status.

          Lastly, grab COUNT(ID) from your Measure/Dimensions and place it on the Text Marks card. Click on the Text Marks card to reformat as needed.


          I'm attaching a workbook as an example. Let me know if it still doesn't give you what you're looking for.


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            Wesley Magee

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