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    IF THEN Statement with Dimension, Measure Grouping

    Josh Delekta



      Please see attached. I am trying to accomplish the following:


      1) If the company has spent more than $100,000 then show the Company Name

      2) If the company has spent less than $100,000 then group into "Other"


      The data would look something like:


      Company A - $200,000

      Company B - $300,000

      Other - $8,000,000


      I've tried but have been unsuccessful with:


      IF SUM([Amount])> 100000 THEN ATTR([Company Name])

      ELSEIF SUM([Amount])<= 100000 THEN "Less Than 100,000"



      I'd also like to be able to add in filters potentially the will work with the Does anybody have any suggestions? Thank you.