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    For real time

    Sandeep Murala

      Hi Sandeep

      Hope your doing great !


      Could you please help me to get knowledge in real time work environments. I have following doubts.

      1) What documents generally used to begin the project

      2) What is the best approach for tableau desktop development

      3) How the tableau internally works starting from the data connection till the reports scheduled.




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          Aditya Singh

          Hi Sandeep


          1. Requirements documents, design document are the basic documents which you should have before starting any project. These gives you the clarity about, what the business needs to see from data.

          2. While creating some dashboard on Tableau, you should be clear what is the data, from where you are bring it, joining the data, cleaning etc and then what you want to see, KPI's required, calculations.

          3. When the data is loaded in Tableau and you start doing drag and drop operations, all this drag n drop is possible with the help of VizQL which translates them to trends and patterns. I would suggest you to start loading some sample data in tableau desktop and play with it.

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