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    Donut Chart Assistance


      Hi All


      I have am trying to create a donut chart which shows how much of the total value of items in my dataset, any one person is linked to. Previously I have figured out how to create a calculation which will accurately show this value: Dynamic calculations to manage filtering


      Now I am trying to create a donut chart which uses parameters so my users can select the person they are interested in and see a visual depiction of the percentage of the total value of all the items which that person is linked to. However I'm having a few issues with this:

      • The size of the segment in the donut chart is incorrect - For example if I select the chart to show 'Sven' he has a presence in 22% of the total value of all items, however the chart shows this to be more along the lines of 33%. I think this stems from the fact that my values add up to more than one and to display it as a donut chart tableau is changing the values from their raw values back to a percentage of all the values added together. I.e. There are three items (1 - $1000, 2 - $2000 and 3 - $3000). John is involved in the ownership of 1 and 2 and Meg is involved in the ownership of 1 and 3. John is linked to 50% of the total value of items (1000+2000/6000) and Meg is linked to 66% of the total value of items (1000+3000/6000). I want the donut chart to display half full when John is selected and two thirds full when Meg is selected. I think that Tableau is adding 50 to 66 to give a total value of 116 which means John's donut chart shows as ~43% and Meg's as 56%. Is there a way around this?
      • I am wanting to label the inside of the chart with the percentage which the selected person is linked to, however I can't seem to get this calculation to display correctly - it simply sums the total of all the values.

      Any help would be perfect! I have attached my attempts thus far.

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          I may have completely broken other things, but I sought

          to build off of your Presence Calc which looked solid.


          I made two new calcs which are

          SUM([Presence Calc)]


          1- SUM([Presence Calc)]


          And put those on the pie as [Measure Values].

          This seemed to return the same values as the By Owner Table.


          Please see the workbook attached in the Forum Thread.


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