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    Dashboard Loads All Records Before Filter Applied

    Matthew Winik

      Hi All,

      I'm a novice to Tableau and I'm trying to accomplish a task that seems simple but I cannot find the solution.


      I have an extract that includes approximately 2M records. I've created a dashboard where the intention is essentially a lookup tool.


      Fields included in the worksheet include, SSN, Name, Company, Address, City, State.


      Within the dashboard I have 4 filters (Multiple Custom List) so that a user can select more than one variable, SSN, Name, Company, and Address.


      The problem is, any time all of the filters are cleared, the dashboard loads every record in the worksheet and it takes over a minute and a half to load. Is there any way to avoid this? In other words, have the dashboard default to empty until a user enters parameters into the filter then have it populate?


      Any help is appreciated.