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    How do I get week numbers to show the Week's End Date as opposed to the Start Date?

    Tiago-Mateus Korynek

      I have initially played around with my Tableau workbook using the Week Start Date for the basis of my calculations, however I am now being asked by my boss to present the column headings as Week End dates as opposed to Week Start Dates. The values in the crosstab should match up perfectly, the only thing that should change is the dates.


      I have a spreadsheet that is linked into my workbook called WeekLookupExtraColumns (attached) which I am using to define when my weeks, seasons and flying years start.


      Essentially my week numbers from the Original - Week Start sheet would be pushed back 6 days so instead of showing 8 December 2014 (Week Start Date), the date should show 14 December 2014 (Week End Date). My Flying year settings are a bit quirky in that the start and end of the flying year and seasons varies year on year due to when the clocks change.


      When I tried doing the exact same methodology as what I did with the start date in creating a custom date of Week End (Week Numbers) I did not get what I was hoping for with my week dates so I guess there is something a bit more complicated that I need to do. Hopefully someone here could help.


      How do I go about doing this in my crosstab? As a note, this field will be used in approximately 30 calculated fields and many worksheets so hopefully there's a nice and efficient way of doing this.